Hello, i am Joe Zander.
I’m a designer, photographer and artist.

 I design logos, fashion prints, company branding and products, everything that has to be designed. 

Graphic design
Art direction
Brand design
Brand renovation
Sound design
Furniture design
Product design

I first began designing modern furniture by passion. As a co-founder of the furniture store Cult i designed custom furniture and stores for our clients.

With our first Apple Macintosh i started digital design around 1992. A jack of all trades and master of none, the tension between artistic creativity, vision

and curiosity has characterised everything I’ve done. I worked some years as creative director for a large promoter. Finally finding a perfect home as

freelancer in fashion graphic design today. I mostly design fashion prints with the computer and/or sketched by hand. I’m living in Tangstedt near

Hamburg, Germany.


My hobbies are cooking, italy, photography and music production. 


All the best, Joe